Home owners typically try to avoid selling their home during winter. However, there are many advantages, apart from having less competition you have a chance to showcase your home at its very best. Considering it’s holiday season, you can create additional warmth, cheer, and charm to lure buyers in. After all, on a cold, snowy winter’s day there is nothing more pleasant than seeing a home with twinkling lights and holiday decorations.

Primarily you need to focus on the exterior of the home. First impressions are important and they start with the outer appearance of your home. Before you start with the decorations you need to clear the leaves, make sure that the path is free from ice and snow. In terms of decorations, considering that home buyers will be visiting during the day, do not go overboard with lights since they are not effective during day time. A few tasteful decorations to add include a pine wreath for the door and a holiday-themed welcome mat. An added bonus is if the nearby homes are decorated; nearby homes decorated for the holidays gives the impression of unity and neighborliness. Balance your decorations with theirs. When decorating the interior it is important that you keep in mind the size of your home and that you are trying to impress the buyers by showing off the space and not the decorations themselves. Add decorations to enhance the interior. If you do have enough space to work with add a tree, and choose a color combination for the decorations to match the color scheme of your home, keep the decorations neutral which means no personal family ornaments, and religious affiliations. Other decorations to make the home more inviting include adding a garland along the staircase, and a few candles. Other finishing touches to make the home more welcoming during open house include turning up the heat so that buyers are not rushing to get out of the home. Moreover if the inside temperature is cooler than should be, buyers will suspect that there are problems with the heating system or that the home is not well insulated. Considering the days are shorter, let as much light in by opening up the curtains and blinds. Awake the senses of buyers by baking cookies or making hot chocolate on the stove, the scent will stimulate visions of what it would be like to live in the home. They will want to experience the love, comfort and joy that you have conveyed during open house.