An energy audit will benefit you in more ways than one. Often homeowners will get an energy audit to see how much energy they are consuming in order to help them think of ways on how reduce their expenses. However, for those homeowners who are thinking about selling their home, having an energy audit can help in selling the home quicker, that is if the audit shows positive results.

In Ontario, the home energy audit is not mandatory prior to selling your home, but having one done can benefit you as a seller that is if the results are positive, and as a buyer it is helpful to know what you can expect in terms of utility costs. An energy audit costs about $200-$400, it usually takes a few hours to complete, but the time depends upon the size of the home. Most homeowners would prefer to have an energy efficient home, but this does not mean that all buyers will be willing to pay more for the home just because it contains more energy efficient features than the homes nearby. However, there are those who are energy savvy and want to do as much as possible to help reduce pollution and they see the lower utility bills as an added bonus. Therefore, it is not uncommon for an energy efficient home to sell for more than the rest of the less-efficient homes in the neighborhood especially when there is proof indicating the home’s energy upgrades, and efficient appliances. Often time, sellers are concerned about what needs to be legally disclosed prior to selling the home, with an energy audit you do not have to worry about whether you have overlooked certain features since an energy audit will spot all problems. It is better to know about certain problems in advance and have them fixed than having a lawsuit sent your way a few years down the line. Of course an energy audit can go the wrong way, it might turn out that your home is not as great as you thought it was and in order to upgrade it can cost a fortune. However, it is up to you whether you want to include the energy audit as a selling point. It is advisable not to if in fact it is not as energy efficient as you though it was. On the other hand if it is energy efficient, this is a great piece of information to use when showcasing the home, a simple excel sheet showing the buyer the utility cost savings they could benefit from if they end up purchasing your home can help you seal the deal a lot quicker than you though.