Buying a home for the first time is a stressful process but fortunately there is a lot of information you can obtain on the internet and from various sources such as the newspaper, agents and lenders. However, there is not a lot of information circulating for first time home sellers. Below we have listed some tips for those selling their home for the first time.
Prepare for your next purchase: Most sellers have a hard time with managing the time between selling their home and buying their new place. It is best to plan ahead, by finding a rental or a motel to stay in for the few days or weeks in between. However if you are buying another home, then make sure that you have all the paper work ready. Get pre-approved for a mortgage to ease your search as this will determine your price limit.
Get your home ready for open house: De-clutter the home, clean it and make sure that you fix all cosmetic repairs such as leaky faucets, sealing the sinks and tubs, replacing burnt lightbulbs, and taking care of broken baseboards. If you have carpeting, get it professionally cleaned, and consider giving the home a fresh coat of paint.
 Enlist the home: Many people will choose their agent based on word of mouth. Go beyond this and do some back-up research check the sales information of the agent by checking the local Realtor association group for the data, or you can directly ask a brokerage for a list of their top sellers. Moreover, once you have a few options in mind in terms of agents, you can ask them about their sales record.
Price it right: It is critical to price the home right. If you overprice the home, chances are that it will remain longer on the market and as a result you may need to lower the price more than the actual value of the home.
Market the home appropriately: Aside from your home being listed on the MLS, considering directly mailing post cards. Make information pamphlets that highlight the best features of the home to distribute during open house. It is also extremely important to have quality photos of the home. If your home is advertised online, you should be aware that home that have professional photos sell 32% faster than other listings.
 Be flexible for showcasing: It is best to have your home available for showcasing at all times during the day. If you have certain time restrictions you risk losing a potential sale as interested home buyers will simply search for other home.
Plan your negotiation: Things that you should have in mind in terms of negotiation are: lowest selling price, closing date time frame, and the most you will pay for repair and closing costs. Always have in mind the final net price, not the final sales price.