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Facts and Information about Mississauga neighbourhooods

If you are a potential investor in real estate and you have all intentions of investing in Mississauga real estate, then you need to know some information about the neighbourhoods in Mississauga. In this article, we discuss three Mississauga neighbourhoods, and they are Churchill Meadows, Lorne Park and Hurontario. Find all the information you want about these neighbourhoods and make an informed decision.
Churchill meadows
Churchill Meadows is among the youngest communities found in Mississauga and is located beside Central Erin Mills. Churchill Meadows is Mississauga’s last community before coming to Milton. There are both detached and semi-detached homes in Churchill Meadows. There are also townhomes for sale. The average price of a home in Churchill Meadows is $589,535. Of course, the price varies according to location and the owner. As to the age of properties in Churchill Meadows , 93% of homes here are younger than 26 years while others are 15 years or younger.
Churchill Meadows is found in the Stephen Lewis category of schools and is the 4th overall in Mississauga. Schools like Erin Center Middle schools, Oscar Peterson and McKinnon have strong scores which really boost Churchill Meadows.
This is located to the central part of Mississauga to the North of Square One area. It has a population of 60,581 people. The average price of a real estate property here is $593,063. Types of homes for sale include detached homes, semi-detached and one and two-bedroom condos.
Best schools found in Hurontario
Depending on the exact place that you live in, you could find yourself in a bottom feeder or a high-ranked learning institution. For example, schools found on the west part of Hurontario and south Eglinton rank #25 on Huntington Ridge P.S. on the other hand, those to the est of Hurontario rank # 61 Nahan Way. Middle schools like the ones west of Hurontario fall into 5th-positioned Fairwind Sr.
The vast majority of homes in Hurontario (75%) are between 6-25 years of age. The rest age 27 years or more.
Lorne Park
Lorne Park is another one of Mississauga Neighbourhoods and is a very affluent neighbourhood. Initially, the area began as luxury resort. The area has a population of 36,747 people.
It is bordered by Southdown Road to its west part, QEW to the north and to the eastern side, there is Credit River. On its southern border sits Lake Ontario.
Commuter accessibility
For commuters, the main artery is Lakeshore Boulevard. Additional routes are QEW, Mississauga Road and South Road. Barring traffic, you can get to Toronto in less than 20 minutes and 10 minutes to get you to Oakville.
Types of real estate properties for sale
Detached homes, semi-detached homes and condominiums are the most kinds of real estate properties that you are likely to find here.
There are important amenities like schools, bars and restaurants, local fitness shopping centers and local shopping centers.
Average value of homes
The average value of homes here is $700,000.
Being that there are so many neighbourhoods in Mississauga, it is important that you know all the finer details about a community before investing in any place. With the information above, you can get a pretty clear picture of how things are.