Preventing Buyer’s Remorse: Things You Should Not Overlook

There is simply no worse feeling than remorse. This is a feeling that is often experienced by buyers who rush into buying a home and only after they move in regret their purchase. The first step in preventing this from happening to you is to figure out which areas of the home you do not want to overlook. Below is a list of things that you should pay attention to when considering purchasing a certain home

1. Lifestyle vs. resale value: Figure out what is important to you. Some people will buy a home in a neighbourhood where not too much is happening but they know that the value of the home will increase in the next few years, and that is their sole reason. for buying the home. They are viewing it more of as an investment. Despite the fact that the value of the homes in that specific neighbourhood is going up, this may not be the right location for you. If you have a more active life style then you risk feeling remorse by purchasing in this location

2. Size matters: Look at your current furniture, and think about the space you want. A house that has all the features you are looking for but lacks in space is not the house that you should buy. You will only figure that out after you start moving in and getting annoyed with how little room is left for anything.

 3. Bathrooms: It is easy to get swept away by a beautiful house, even if lacks the number of bathrooms you want or the features each bathroom must have. Do not be selfish with your decision, think of the needs of all family members. Having 1.5 bathroom cen get really annoying especially if you are planning on expanding your family.

4. Bedrooms: The number of bedrooms the home contains is extremely important, however even if the home has the number of bedrooms you want, do not overlook other bedroom features such as the walls, and the size. Bedroom practicalities are very important.

5. Traffic: Think about your life style. You may have found a perfect house but on a busy street. If you have sleeping problems or require silence when you need to concentrate, then perhaps this home is not the best option for you.

6. Yard: Many people will buy a house just for the space around. Think twice before buying a home with a non-existent yard. After all, a large yards helps increase the resale value.

 7. Pools: Most people do not want to buy a home with a pool, surprising! Think twice before buying a home with a pool, as you may have trouble financing the upkeeps. Also, if you do not see yourself in the home for a long time, you may have issues selling it.

8. The little things: While skimming the house, make sure to keep an eye on all the details; see if the freezer door opens up all the way, look at the layout, do you need to cross the living room to get to your bedroom from the kitchen. All these things suggest that the house may be a bit too tight.

When examining a home it is important to be rational, do not let your emotions get the best of you. If your agent is expressing concerns about certain features it is in your best interest to listen to them.