You have started your home search and have even gotten an agent to help you out. Suddenly you are a bit confused, the last home the agent has shown you is exactly what you are looking for, however it happens to be near an airport. There are both advantages and disadvantages to buying a home, and to help you figure out if this location is for you, consider the following three tips.

Travel Time:
The first thing to think about is your life style. If you are always on the go then this location could be ideal as your travel time is significantly reduced.

 Noise and Pollution:
Depending on the exact location of your home in the air port region noise and pollution may actually not be a problem. If your home is located directly below the flight path then you do have something to worry about. But before you write this home off, figure out how the peak flight times during night, and get information on how low they fly. Another thing to consider is the structure of the home, if the home has built in soundproofing then noise will not be an issue, at least while you are inside. However, if you spend a lot of time in the back yard or garden and cannot simply turn a deaf ear to it , then you should pass this home up to other potential buyers.

Investigate property developments:
You have to remember that one of the most important things about the home is actually the location itself, therefore it is in your best interest to see if there will be any type of future developments be it positive or negative so that you can determine if down the road your property will go up or down in value.

Whether you are interested in purchasing this home for your permanent residence or if you just look at it as an investment opportunity it is important to truly consider the above factors. Therefore, do not make a quick decision or simply think that you can overlook some things when you truly assess your lifestyle, the negative external factors that come along with having a home close to an airport and lastly the future development of the area. If you know that the airport will be expanding in the near future then this will have a negative effect on you and you can bet that it will not be a profitable future investment.