By: Nick Goomber



Your real estate agent is the single most important factor in your Toronto real estate buying or selling and choosing a bad agent can result in wasted time and money, plus you may have to switch agents in the middle of the transaction, which could send the wrong signals. As the market is full of real estate agents, it has become very difficult to distinguish good from bad. There are commonly two types of Realtors. First, there are agents who work hard and are honest to their customers in all aspects. On the other side are those who are cheating their customers for their own benefits. Therefore, here are five tips for choosing the right real estate agent in Toronto:

1. Ask a Trusted Friend or Colleague
Pretty much as in business, we prefer to work with individuals we know, like and trust. Finding the right agent to sell your house is the same. Ask a friend or partner, in the event that they can prescribe anybody in your general vicinity to sell your home. If you know of somebody that has as of late sold their home, request their feedback about the agent and the agency and whether they'd recommend them.

2. Don't opt for a Post And Pray Realtor
An excellent Real estate agent is definitely an extremely valuable asset to your home sale, but only when that Realtor does his / her job right. Some Real estate agents, unfortunately, are definitely more of the "post and pray" type, choosing to put on a sign, listing in the MLS, and forgetting about you afterward. However, you should know that if your Realtor would get the job done, he or she must be out networking, getting the word out about your home and drawing in possible buyers.
You can certainly place the difference between an excellent agent and person who is more the post and pray type. An excellent agent will have a solid online presence, including a blog and website, and can have lots of current personal references that speak favorably, will create in depth descriptions of your house for listings, use video tours and slide shows, and will communicate with you throughout the entire sales process regularly. Any agent that does not meet these conditions is typically not someone you want helping you sell your valuable real estate.

3. Pick A Realtor By Asking Great Real Estate Interview Questions
You need to meet various agents, asking questions that truly show what they are made of. You can ask how long they have been in real estate, what number of homes they sold the previous year, what number of those deals were close to the first listing value, how long did each of those postings take to sell, do they have an assistant, and if they use the internet to market their listings.

4. Don't be misled
When an agent tells you that your house is worth a lot of cash, it can be a great feeling. They are supposed to be the experts, after all. But the price you are told by the real estate agent may not be what your home is worth, especially if the agent is striving to get new clients. It is a hapless reality that some agents will over-inflate a home’s price to draw in clients, then when the home does not sell, will drop the price to something that is more competitive. The owner is desperate at that point, and the Realtor gets a sale. This is a strategy some agent use to get business. So be careful of realtors that overprice your home.5. The agent is a member of the family
Unless your relative is a crackerjack full-time agent who specializes in your neighborhood, they are unlikely to do nearly as good of a job as another agent.